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Careers Application

Great to Work at GNHR

Join Great NH Restaurants Inc., providing exceptional food, excellent service, and a friendly atmosphere to New Hampshire for over three decades! We are looking for reliable, motivated people with great attitudes. Experience is a plus, but personality is a NECESSITY!

If you need help or have any other questions, please Email Us.

Careers Application
Step 1: Personal Info

Step 2: Employment Details
  • Availability: (please check all that apply)
  • Preferred Hours:
  • Applying for:
  • Have You Ever Worked for Great NH Restaurants:
  • Are You Over the Age of 18:
  • Are You Over the Age of 21:
  • Do You Have a Valid Driver's License:
  • Do you Have the Legal Right to Work in the U.S:
  • Did someone refer you to the position:
  • Is there any Reason why you Could not Perform all Physical Aspects of the Job? (Including being able to lift 50lbs.):
  • Are you a Convicted Felon:
  • Do you Have Reliable Transportation:

Step 3: Work Experience

Step 4: Confirm