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The Great NH Restaurants Inc. leadership and management teams have had action plans in place for potential situations that could arise with the COVID-19 pandemic, holding employee and guest safety at the very top of our priorities.

Daily COVID-19 Prevention Procedures Include
  • Daily employee temperature checks
  • All employees have signed our Commitment to Health and Safety form and it is strictly enforced, including mandatory quarantine and/or a negative COVID-19 result for any exposure or any type of illness reported
  • Posted ‘Notice to Guests’ posters requesting guests/patrons with possible COVID-19 symptoms/exposure do not dine with us
  • Masks/facial coverings required for all Front of House and Back of House employees at all times
  • Masks/facial coverings requested for patrons who are not sitting at a table
  • QR code touchless menus
  • Wrapped silverware
  • Before open: Tables, chairs, and table tents are sanitized with a highly concentrated solution of Sani Quad. (The mix is 1oz to 4 liters of water) as well as in-between guest seating. We also use a more diluted Sani Quad solution throughout our kitchens during operations on appropriate surfaces.
  • Closing Cleaning includes: The use of Redi San RTU, a sanitizer used at night on all hard surfaces, counters, doors, exteriors, walk-in refrigerator doors, etc.
  • Guests are requested to wait outside in personal vehicles and receive text/call when table is ready
  • 70-80%+ Alcohol sanitizer stations located at entrance points & throughout the locations (including outdoor dining areas)
  • Curbside service available at most locations
  • Bathrooms are sanitized every 30 minutes
  • Frequent sanitation of high touch points
  • Social distancing table configurations and partitions
  • Dishwasher / sanitizer temperature is 180 degrees or higher